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Pixelmon Revive?

8BitSymmetra a posted Jun 1, 17

Pixelmon Revival


Join and enjoy if you are still here!

Recent Changes.

8BitSymmetra a posted Dec 31, 16


I have been working on a new system trying to find the best way to achieve stuff. I made a list below of the recent changes that were made to the server that you need to be aware of.


-Legedaries once again spawn naturally

-You can get legendaries from ditto-ditto breeding.

-Nether is disabled - You die upon entering.

-The market is moving to the /buy command, there will be a post on the forums with an excel sheet showing all items that can be purchased and their aliases.

* Market is at spawn now using NPCs*


8BitSymmetra a posted Dec 25, 16

Welcome everyone to


The Pixelmon server is in its alpha stage and we encourage that all players report any problems as soon as possible. If you have any questions feel free to post on the forums and the staff will go around answering what they can. Suggestions are welcomed, however since the server is in alpha suggestions will not be taken. We are working on donation items such as ranks and kits as we can so if you would like to contribute monetarily please let us know and we will help you with purchasing items and ranks. Do not forget to read the terms and conditions when you purchase things though, we are not liable if you do not read it. We appreciate you choosing our network and servers and hope you have a nice, warm welcoming and hope you prosper in the new year.

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